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Whenever I go to the muffler or brake shop, I’m reminded of the story of how Bob Pollard of Guided By Voices came up with the idea for the song “The Best of Jill Hives.”

Pollard is always a bit expressionist with his lyrics, and saying what a song is about does a bit of violence to his style. But the song is presented as a character study of the fictitious person Jill Hives, a person who somehow manages in bouts of meanness to push away the people that mean something to her:

I don't know where you find your nerve
I don't know how you choose your words
Speak the ones that suit you worst
Keep you grounded, sad, and cursed
Circle the ones that come alive
Save them for the best of Jill Hives

The source? From a comment on the Pollard a Day blog:

I read an interview with Bob in which he said that the title comes from a time when he took his car to the muffler shop and was sitting in the waiting area with a barely audible TV on in the background showing the soap opera “The Days of our Lives”. Bob couldn’t quite make out what was being said and wrote down “The Best of Jill Hives”. He said he often comes up with song titles based on notes he makes of dimly overheard background noises and conversations. (Link)
Video below:

On Its Side tells a similar story about Kandinsky’s discovery of abstract art.

Being a bit tired can help creativity. See Creative Nights

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