Every Note of the Beatles [...]

An explanation from Devin Faraci of why Star Wars is genius and The Force Awakens is merely a reflection of that genius. His argument is this: Star Wars felt like the expression of George Lucas’s soul, birthed fully formed. The Force Awakens feels like a tribute band.

You can play every single note exactly as The Beatles did, and it can sound the same but it will never feel the same. This is where all the art analysis in the world breaks down, where all of our words fail us. It’s where the soul of the artist infuses the work, and transforms the art from crude celluloid or loud noise into something transcendent, something that exists in the moment of its creation only. You can sound like The Beatles but you’re never going to be The Beatles. You can go back to the well of the Original Trilogy but you’re never going to be Star Wars from 1977. (Source)

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