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Wikity is designed for education, and we often need footnotes in educational settings. We’ve come up with a simple syntax that should support a number of footnote styles.

To footnote something, first make a Notes or Works Cited section:

1. [ #exampletarget] This is a footnote.

Note that the target looks like a link without a URL. There should be no space between the ‘[‘ and the ‘#’.

Then add a footnote in-text. For numeric footnotes, the footnote must match both the number of the footnote and the name of the target.

This is an example of a sentence with a footnote.[1](#exampletarget)

Here is how that looks in practice:

This is an example of a sentence with a footnote.[1]

  1. This is a footnote.

You can use this same technique to do other styles of reference:

This is an example of a sentence with a parenthetical reference. (Brewer, p. 38)

  1. Brewer, Don. This is a footnote. Routledge, 2008.

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