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> Instructors Melissa Forbis and Christine Labuski created a blog — “Gendered Presence, Gendered Futures” — for their class to create a venue in which students can share their ideas with the world and keep a finger on the pulse of the public.

Layo Obamehinti, a Brown College freshman, has gotten a lot out of that process. She said the blog pushed her beyond her comfort zone and made her question her previously held views. But the comments have been most interesting.

“When someone comments on our blog, it’s interesting to see whether he or she has totally conflicting view,” she said. “It opens my eyes to the smorgasbord of views that are present in the world.”

Jones College sophomore Claire Taylor said that the blog format makes her even more conscientious about her work.

“It’s strange to think that people I do not know are reading my thoughts and opinions and comparing them to their own,” Taylor said. “It definitely increases my attention to detail and makes me think through my opinions and supporting reasons.”

The class was in 2009 and the blog seems to have died in a campus shift to EduBlogs.

Article: Class Blog Breaks Down Class Walls

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