Michael Crow’s 10 Barriers [...]

  1. Guild culture. See also Tenure as License
  2. Cultural armor. There is no academic culture superior to other culture.
  3. Invisible colleges. Disciplinary ties are stronger than school ties.
  4. Faculty-centrism. Universities are seen to be designed for the faculty, and they should be designed for the students and the citizens.
  5. Philio-pietism. Worship of tradition. Lecture, semesters, regalia. Made us “dumb as rocks”.
  6. Isomorphic replication. Too much time spent trying to imitate status.
  7. Excellent Sheep.
  8. Conserver Bureaucrats. Anxious, nervous. “We can’t do away with the library”
  9. Empowerment of design. There is no art or intellect, only replication.

Missed one, what was it?

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